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Brendon recently went on the six hour Farewell Spit Nature Experience Tour, and as a result THOROUGHLY recommends people see it.  He gained a fresh appreciation of the beauty, complexities and vulnerability of Farewell Spit's unique ecosystem, together with a hands-on learning encounter he will not forget.


Chris_Pomeroy__Farewell_Spit_Nature_Tours310.JPGFrom Brendon:

"Our tour guide for the day, Chris Pomeroy (pictured left), was born and bred in the area - he was very passionate about its history, flora & fauna, landscape and environmental concerns.  Chris's non-pretentious demeanor, coupled with a great sense of humour and a vast vault of knowledge effortlessly drew us into an atmosphere of learning, appreciation and child-like awe.  A fantastic experience not to be missed."




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Nature Tours - Spectacular North-West Golden Bay


Farewell Spit Nature Experiences provide high quality nature tours. It's your chance to see another world and to visit some of New Zealand's most remote and truly spectacular locations.

Farewell Spit is one of New Zealand's most treasured natural wonderlands, abounding in precious wildlife, plants and stunning landscapes.

Few regions provide such a wealth of dramatic natural wonders to explore within such a small and accessible area. The diverse landscapes of North-West Golden Bay provide breathtaking views, rich habitats for wildlife and living cultural and historic journeys.

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Off Road Adventure

Our four-wheel drive vehicles are ideally suited to hill-country tracks - but not without losing the thrill of negotiating some challenging terrain. Enjoy this exciting ride in the comfort and safety of our 4WD fleet with our experienced driver/guides.

A Unique Wilderness and Wildlife Experience

New Zealand's longest sandspit - beautiful, surreal and vast. Farewell Spit provides a rewarding haven for many thousands of migratory wading birds and native wildlife such as New Zealand Fur Seals and Australasian Gannets.

Breathtaking Panoramic Views

Pillar Point is 161 metres above sea level. Farewell Spit arcs away to the East; cliffs, ocean and rolling farmland to the West and Kahurangi National Park to the South. Even the snow-topped peak of Mt Taranaki in New Zealand’s North Island may be seen.  View from Cape Farewell East to Pillar Point and Farewell Spit beyond (only available on 6 hour tour).

A Coastal Landscape of Immense Power

Sculpted by wind, water and time the cliffs rise high above the pounding waves of the Tasman Sea. Stand at the edge and marvel at the unforgiving power of mother nature. Beauty from simple stone - tall arches, deep caves and miles of towering cliffs (only available on 6 hour tour).


Fill Your Soul and Your Stomach

At the Farewell Spit Lighthouse we'll take time to enjoy a light refreshment of tea and coffee, chilled juice and a freshly baked filled bread roll. Yummy!



Visitors can choose from one of the following tours available;

4 hour tour

Immerse yourself in this dramatic land of shifting sands and migrating wildlife. Travel the length of Farewell Spit to the Lighthouse Reserve while we share unique insights into the many intrigues of this world-class wildlife sanctuary and wetland of international significance.
6 hour tour

This comprehensive nature tour explores the key features of Farewell Spit Nature Reserve (the same as on the four hour tour), but adds a spectacular visit to Pillar Point, taking in breathtaking panoramic views of the Spit, mountains, Kahurangi National Park, Golden Bay and much more.








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