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Brendon recently took a flight with U-FLY Extreme.  Here's his personal account of his experience, flying directly over the Abel Tasman and nearly wetting his pants.


From Brendon:

Ufly cockpit170x100quote.gif The thrill of actually getting to fly a plane with my own hands was one thing... but to then put the aircraft into rolls, dips and loop-the-loops was A DREAM COME TRUE!!


In fact, Vincent (my amazing trainer) gave me free rein, telling me,"if you're keen to try it, let's do it!!"  Vincent is fantastic at his job - calm, funny, keen and very reassuring.  Whew!


People, this is the only place IN THE WORLD where you can do this - grab the chance to do it.  Easily worth the money spent - hands-down the best adrenaline fix you'll ever get!!"




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Pilot a stunt plane U-fly extreme banner620


Stunt Plane - Flown by YOU!!

Pilot a stunt plane yourself, rolling and looping with the open cockpit, it's a flight experience second to none and they guarantee you'll never forget it.


U FLY EXTREME is the top ranking adventure aviation activity in New Zealand.  Watch their video below:




Zip on a flight suit.. pull down your goggles... tighten your harness... It's time to commit some Aviation.  At "U FLY EXTREME" in Motueka they take the best part of flight training... Aerobatics,
put it in the best aircraft for the job - the Pitts Special - and let YOU do it.

No previous experience is necessary. Whether you are an absolute beginner or have thousands of hours flight time in your log book, this is your chance to fly the Pitts Special.  This is a small family owned and operated business which has been operating for over 8 years.

It's a HANDS ON activity..... You WILL be flying the plane for most of your flight. Honestly.


Here are some of your flight options and prices as at Nov 2011:


Pilot a stunt plane Ufly abel tasman 200


15 min flight +DVD $399

With 15 mins airtime, learn how to roll and loop yourself.


Check out the Abel Tasman region while upside down! A great adrenaline filled experience.. guaranteed


Allow 1 hour at the airfield.

Pilot a stunt plane Ufly Roll 200


20 min flight + DVD $499


A little more time to take it all in than our 15 min option. Add some 4 point rolls and cuban 8's to your loops and rolls repertoire.

Allow 1 hr 10 mins total time at the airfield.



Pilot a stunt plane Ufly cockpit 200
Total Flight package $669


2 flight / Same day option + personalised DVD and free T-Shirt

When once just isn't enough. Make the most of your inital flight by flying a second time in the same day.  It's always more rewarding the second time around and we can build on your new skills. Or combine your 2 flights into 1 extended 30 minute flight.

If choosing the 2 flight option...we recommend at least 2 hours between each 15 min flight.



Pilot a stunt plane Ufly coach 200

"Flight only" option

The same incredible flight experiences as above but without the DVD

15 min flight $299
20 min flight $399
30 min flight $599

Your flight will still be recorded and you can choose to purchase the DVD on the day for $120 if you wish




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