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Brendon recently checked out WILD TRACKS along with his wife Rosalie and their two German exchange students.  All of the photos on this page were taken by friends on the day.


Wild Tracks our crew 150From Brendon:

quote.gif  We arrived at Wild Tracks thinking it would probably be like yet another 4-wheel motorbike type trip. WRONG!!  Nothing else comes close to this experience.  John and Maree's Wild Tracks has the perfect mix - feelings of white knuckle risk, coupled with excellent safety standards and classic Kiwi ingenuity & hospitality.

We did the 1 hour buggy trip, which covered over 6km of jumps, dunks, berms, drops, climbs, bridges, trenches, see-saws and even a squirting spider. It was so good, all the time I was thinking, 'are we actually allowed to do this sort of stuff nowadays?'. 


The buggies were superb - fast, smooth and easy to use.  I had trouble keeping up with my wife in her buggy (she started out cautious, but after a couple of minutes went crazy!)  Must've been the mud in my eyes...  *cough

To sum up, the mud that was caked all over my face said it all - dried smile-wrinkles!!  I'm grinning even now just thinking about it...



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Wild Tracks logo 150

Go wild at WILD TRACKS Crazy Kiwi Buggy Adventures

Wild Tracks tilt 150 Wild Tracks convoy 150 Wild Tracks moving 150
Wild Tracks jump 150 Wild Tracks after splash 150 Wild Tracks drop 150


Wild Tracks Brendon Katie 620

Wild Tracks action grin 620

Wild Tracks close up Rosalie 620


Wild Tracks deep splash 620

Wild Tracks dusty cones 620

Wild Tracks splash howl 620

Wild Tracks dusty jump 620



+64 3 522 4950


109 Upper Stanley Brook Road,

Tapawera, Tasman 7096


What Wild Tracks customers have said:

quote.gif  I loved it! It was so much fun. Some of the drops were a little scary but they just added to the thrill of it all. I would definitely go on it again and again!  

Abigail Bowley - England



quote.gif  Absolutely Awesome!

Itay, Israel

quote.gif  If you want a great time to experience the kiwi way of life, it's here.  Great fun, adrenaline, amazing landscapes, and a great family to welcome you!  You can even see a Kiwi!  And don't worry about the mud, it's good for your skin!  One word after the ride: AGAIN!  

Francois Billion Grand - France



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