I was born in Masterton, New Zealand and spent a lot of my early years in Whakatane.  At 22 years I married my childhood sweetheart Jan, and we have been married now for 43 years.  Jan and I have 4 wonderful children, 7 grandchildren whom we love to bits.

Some of the jobs I have done include: Auto Electrician, Real Estate Agent, Builder, Missionary, Church Pastor, Banker and Roller driver.  I have travelled to over 20 countries, have lived in Fiji, Singapore and India, and have spent a lot of time in many East African countries.

Jan and I love working together. We share a passion for helping people towards reaching their potential, and helping others less fortunate than ourselves.   We both have good friends around the world and NZ as a result of this.  Above all I have a desire to continue to grow in my relationship with my maker.

I am planning to take a world trip with Jan when finished working at Century Park.  Shhh... don't tell Jan.
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