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Putting the heart back into Nelson Motels

Century Park Motor Lodge is more than top quality Accommodation in the heart of Nelson City: it is a reflection of the determination of its owners to provide a haven of comfort and security to their guests that exceeds all expectation. How do they do it? By putting, not just their best foot forward, but their hearts into the business as well.

The faces of Century Park Motor Lodge in Nelson are also the driving force behind the business. Co-owners Brendon, Ross and Jan have teamed up to create a ‘home away from home’ for visitors to Nelson, with a personalised service that is designed to fit the individual needs of each guest. As Team Leader, Facilities Manager and Office Manager respectively, it is Brendon, Ross and Jan who will meet and greet you, and see to all your needs during your stay.


The Century Park Motor Lodge team:


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As Team Leader at Century Park, Brendon is responsible for overseeing the business, ensuring it delivers the high standard of inner city motel accommodation and personal, friendly service that Century Park Motel is built upon.

Brendon is one of Ross and Jan’s four children. He has a background in sales and customer service, most recently with Cash ‘n’ Trade in Richmond, and before that in Christchurch where he lived and worked for a total of 8 years. As well as a sound business venture, Brendon sees Century Park as an opportunity to extend his own experience of working with people in a sales role into a new area of service.

“We work really well together,” says Brendon. “For me Century Park is a platform where I can grow. It’s good to be in a situation where the people beside me know me well enough to push me when I need it, and to support me at the same time.”


5 star luxury accommodation in nelson, free internet wifi, new nelson motelsRoss has taken on the role of Facilities Manager for Century Park Motor Lodge, ensuring guests are comfortable and safe, and have everything they need during their stay.

He has a firsthand knowledge of the pull Nelson has to its many visitors throughout the year, and since settling here in 1985 he has helped others realise their dream of living in New Zealand’s sunshine capital.

Ross has a background in banking, the building industry, in real estate and as a pastor, both home and overseas. Each of these roles has played its part in bringing him closer to fulfilling his passion for helping people. “I started building houses and realised I was making less money than the person selling them, so I moved into real estate,” says Ross. What Ross soon discovered through his success in the real estate industry was the true reward lay in making people happy. “I found there is a far greater satisfaction in helping someone or providing the means for them to achieve happiness, than in hitting a sales target.”

nelson brand new motel, century park motor lodge, 5 star accommodation nelsonJan is Administration Manager for Century Park Motor Lodge, taking care of bookings as well as other arrangements during your stay.

Jan shares Ross’ love of working with people. As childhood sweethearts, the couple have worked side by side for the majority of their life together.

Jan has worked in banking as well as the real estate industry, and is a ‘born administrator’ according to Ross. “Jan is the details person,” Ross proclaims. “She has the tenacity and the patience to take care of all the little things that really make the difference.”

There are few things that could phase Jan, who has proven herself as resourceful and adaptable, and able to bring out the best in others even in the most trying of circumstances. When Ross became a pastor, taking his building skills and his family to places like Fiji, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda with the Growing Churches Movement, Jan was right there in the thick of it all, doing her part.

“To me it is important that I do something that involves working with people, says Jan. “So much so I would never want to do anything that didn’t involve helping others and interacting with people on a daily basis.”


Our Goal at Century Park Motor Lodge  is 100%  Guest Satisfaction. We aim to bring you the best Nelson Accommodation experience. If you are not satisfied with something, please let us know - we'll make it right or you won't pay.

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